We are focused on the full spectrum of visual media —Створюємо мега-проєкти
у візуальних медіа: від книг та cайтів до шрифтів

from books, websitesand printed matter to branding, exhibitions and typefaces.

Створюємо мега-проєкти у візуальних медіа: від книг та cайтів до шрифтівДелаем супер-заебись вещи
в визуальных медиа: от книг
до шрифтов.

MUHi 2019 Competition For Young Ukrainian Artists Exhibition Catalogue

Project coming soon

Babyn Yar: Brink of Humanity
Traveling Exhibition
/Exhibition Design/

Daring & Youth. Yulia Krivich
/Zine Design/

The New Generation and Artistic Modernism in Ukraine
Myroslava M. Mudrak
/Book design/

Chinese with Laoshi
/Book design/

People. Places. Processes
Photography Exhibition

From Dusk Till Dawn
‍Sergey Melnitchenko
/Book design/

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MUHi 2019 Competition For Young Ukrainian Artists

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NUMO is an Ukrainian word “Нумо” [numo]. It is used as an incentive when appealing to many people, as an encouragement for a joint action — Come on! Go ahead! Let's… This word reflects our passion, the teamwork synergy, and drive. And we say now: “Numo create something bold!”